19 Feb 2019 21:07:21

Websocket API For LabVIEW™


  • No client side software installation.
  • No web server required.
  • Front Panel Export.
  • Front panel control hooks.
  • Full duplex communications.
  • Numerous Examples.
  • Multi-platform.
  • Event Enabled.
  • Protocol auto-negotiation.
  • Supports redirects.
  • Supports continue frames.
  • Supports RFC 6455, Hybi and Hixie protocols.


  • LabvVIEW™ 2012 or greater.
  • Websocket enabled browser.
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • VxWorks
  • Pharlap


Requires LabVIEW 2009 Run-time Engine

Additional Info


The Websocket API For LabVIEW™ is everything a developer needs to give LabVIEW™ a fully interactive web browser interface.


Utilising native LabVIEW™ Websocket technology that is compatible with most modern websocket enabled browsers. It has the advantage over other systems that it does not require any client side installation of software/run-time engines or webservers. The technology allows fully bi-directional communications straight to the clients and browsers for real-time communications and updates. 

The API is comprised of two libararies to enable deceptively simple export of your LabVIEW™ programs' front panel and data, whilst allowing the greatest flexibility. Developers can take full advantage of the feature rich technologies available via javascript and SVG, without deployment or webservers. With the API, your programs can have a plaform independent user interface which can be used by computers and mobile devices alike without any extra target specific toolkits or coding. No longer are LabVIEW™ developers constrained by the LabVIEW™ front panel look and feel.

The API is supplied with everything you need to get you started creating spectacular interactive browser interfaces for LabVIEW™.

  • Socket API - Drop in replacement for the native labview TCPIP primitives with additional events.
  • Remote API - Messaging and formatting libraries for exporting your data and front panels in browser friendly formats and linking remote HMIs to LabVIEW™.
  • Javascript and HTML examples for creating client-side graphs, panels and gauges. 


The Websocket API for LabVIEW™ is also "Event Enabled" so that you can process data and status information from within event structures. With as little as two event cases, you can process all messages from multiple connections however you decide to partition your code.

Whether you have a single VI or many VIs. Each VI can hook the event broadcasts of multiple connections. If events are not required, then the traditional indicators are also exposed via the component panel.

Browser Support




Firefox4 and greater 
Chrome4 and greater 
Safari5 and greaterMay require enabling in options
Internet Explorer9 and greaterIE 9 Requires installation of plugin from HTML5 Labs
Opera11 and greaterRequires enabling in options

 Full list.

A quick demonstration of connecting to the MTGox bitcoin exchange websocket server using the Websocket API for LabVIEW™.