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  • Transactional SQL.
  • Zero Configuration.
  • High Performance.
  • File Based.
  • Feature Packed.
  • Numerous Examples.
  • Source Included.
  • Multi-platorm.
  • AES Encryption.
  • Free for Non Commercial Use (Licensing).

A commercial licence allows access to the current version of SQLite binaries at time of purchase.


  • OS
    • Windows: XP+
    •  Linux: OpenSuse
    •  Mac: OS X 10.4+
    •  VxWorks: 6.3
  • LabVIEW™.
    • Windows: 2009+
    • Linux: 2009+
    • Vxworks: 2009+
    • Mac OS X: 2011+



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From the Authors Of SQLite:

"SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. SQLite is the most widely deployed database engine in the world."

The SQLite API for LabVIEW™is a library wrapper around the SQLite RDBMS and enables LabVIEW™ developers' to leverage SQLites advanced features and blazing speed. It is a well defined, highly efficient API that comes with a multitude of examples and demo applications; allowing rapid development of sophisticated database solutions.

SQLite PaletteHigh level library functions alleviate SQL formatting errors and provide an intuitive interface for creating and manipulating SQLite databases. Many of the palette entries are polymorphic function aggregates; encapsulating multiple operations on a particular aspect of the database. This allows the developer rapid selection whilst simultaneously providing greater code clarity for optimum productivity.

Low Level PaletteFor the advanced developer who finds the high level library functions too limiting; a "Low Level" palette is also supplied to allow control over the SQLite library at the function level.Each entry is synonymous to a particular SQLite function and therefore requires a detailed knowledge of the SQLite library itself. Most SQLite features that cannot be realised with the "High Level" functions, can be achieved with these functions.

Utilities PaletteThe SQLite API For LabVIEW™ also contains a "Utilities" palette that provides the LabVIEW ™ developer access to the SQLite library configuration  options and information such as the SQLite version and memory usage.

help.pngAll of the SQLite API for LabvIEW™'s major palette functions are accompanied by detailed, context sensitive help to assist the LabVIEW developer. Combined with numerous examples; the leaning curve is greatly reduced, meaning less time spent reading and more time spent coding.




Since version 2.0.0. The SQLite API for LabVIEW™ now seemlessly supports AES enryption to secure your confidential information. The API applies encryption to the entire database rather than just the data so that even tables names and the SQLite header is secured. The API is distributed with AES 128 (EBC) encryption capability and, for commercial customers that require stronger protection; AES 256 (CBC) is available.